Switching to the Dockstar

I discovered the Seagate Dockstar, too late, when it was almost impossible to find one. I could put my hands on 4 of them, 3 of which were for friends. This device is tiny, uses the same CPU as the GuruPlug, can be powered from a single USB port with an easy mod, has free space to add a serial port, and is cheap. I always carry it with me everywhere and it's my network testing peer. It's much more convenient than the GuruPlug when a single ethernet port is required, and it can be powered by the GuruPlug's USB port when both are needed. Unfortunately it's impossible to find it now, and if you have one you don't use anymore, feel free to send it to me, I will be really pleased. Here are a few photos of the mods I made to a few devices.

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